Press releases 2013


Financial information

G & L Beijer AB's quarterly reports will be published on the following dates.


Election Committee appointed

G & L Beijer AB (publ) has appointed an Election Committee with instructions to submit proposals for Board Members, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Annual Meeting and for the remuneration of the Board of Directors and the Auditors to the Annual Meeting of shareholders on 24 April 2014. As in previous years, the Members of the Election Committee have been appointed among the company’s largest owners.


News release from the 2013 Annual Meeting of shareholders of G & L Beijer

Today, 26 April 2013, G & L Beijer AB (publ) held its Annual Meeting of shareholders for the 2012 financial year. The Annual Meeting adopted the profit and loss accounts and balance sheets for the Group and the parent company for 2012, The Board Members and the Managing Director were discharged from liability.


G & L Beijer acquires a Danish refrigeration wholesaler

G & L Beijer AB is acquiring the Danish refrigeration wholesaler, FK Teknik A/S. FK Teknik's sales for 2012 were approximately SEK 32M with good profitability. The company, founded in 1956, enjoys a very good reputation in the market. FK Teknik has five employees.


Annual Report 2012

As from 26 March 2013, G & L Beijer's Annual report for 2012, Swedish and English version, will be available as a downloadable PDF file on the company's website,


Annual Meeting of shareholders

The shareholders of G & L Beijer AB (publ) are hereby convened to the Annual Meeting on Friday April 26, 2013, 3 pm, at Malmömässan, Mässgatan 6, Malmö, Sweden. Registration for the Annual Meeting will start at 2 pm.


Company in Mozambique becomes wholly-owned

G & L Beijer AB is exercising its option and acquires the remaining 60 per cent of the shares in the jointly owned company, Metraclark LDA, in Mozambique.